Alfonz Videtič 1843-1921


The making of chocolate products in Olimje, a small and remote village in the south-eastern corner of Slovenia, originates with forefather Alfonz Videtič, who worked as a confectioner at the end of the 19th and start of 20th century, until 1915 when he went out of business due to lack of cocoa and other imported raw materials. But his chocolate recipes, named after the French marshal Du Plessis-Praslin, as PRALINE, were saved from oblivion by his descendants (Rudolf Videtič) in early nineties of the previous century. Rudolf Videtič always lived in Kozjansko region, and always wanted to return to his roots. He bought the old primary school in Olimje, and built a production line for chocolate in two classrooms. The Chocolate boutique Olimje expanded throughout the years, and now has four chocolate boutique across Slovenia, as well as an established brand “Sladkosti iz Olimja”, renowned for its quality and delicious chocolate products. It represents a guarantee that the customer will get lovingly handmade chocolate products from the Chocolate boutique Olimje.